Forin when he was 32 years old.

Forin was the son of Nrain. He ruled the Lonely Mountain after his Father, and Grandfather before him. Many years after his ancestor, Thorin Oakenshield ruled. His children were Verros and Glorin. It is said that Forin greatly resembles King Torain.

The Life of ForinEdit

When Forin was a child, he would often visit the new city of Dale. He would go through it's markets, run through it's streets, and return to Erebor. Everyday. He specifically loved the mine. He would often go down to watch the miners. He sometimes helped, too. When he became thirteen, he was told to be more mature and help with other things. The city of Dale never saw him run through the streets again, the miners didn't show him the veins in the rock anymore. He would help count the gold, keep peace between Erebor and other Kingdoms, make sure the miners and guards were doing their jobs correctly, lots of boring things like that. The day Forin turned seveteen, he heard that his Grandfather, the King, was ill. He helped take care of him, to try to get him feeling well again. His Grandfather was like a second father to him, he helped raise him. One day, his Grandfather went to sleep. And they couldn't wake him, but he was still alive. Forin's Father, Nrain, took over Erebor. When Forin was twenty, his Grandfather passed away from the illness that took him. Nrain became the official King of Erebor, and Forin was overwhelmed with grief from the loss of his Grandfather. He decided to leave Erebor for a while to clear his thoughts. He said goodbye to his Father and left to travel Middle-Earth. He came across many Orc camps, and cleared them all out. He moved westward, and came across Gondor. He stayed there for a while, before leaving again. He visited the Shire, as well as Rohan. Then he went to Bree, where he purchased a house and stayed there for a few years. When he was twenty-nine, he sold his house and went back to Erebor. After he got back to Erebor, he talked with his Father for a few hours, before going to Dale. He met a woman there, and he began visiting with her daily. Two years later, they were married. Her name was Katrina. A few years after that, they had two sons. Glorin II, after Forin's Grandfather, and Verros. When Forin was forty... Nrain, his father, died. Forin became the next King of Erebor. When the Orcs started rallying, Forin and the soldiers of Erebor met them in battle and defeated them. Erebor entered a time of peace and quiet. Forin ruled Erebor until his death, at eighty-six years old.

Younger Forin 1

Forin around the age of 24.

Elderly Forin 2

Forin at age 86.


Forin's wife, Katrina.

The final battle of ForinEdit

Forin, now eighty-six, went to battle with the last of the Orcs gathering around the borders of Dale. Along with the soldiers of Erebor, and the soldiers of Dale with their King, they fought for many weeks. And at last, they defeated the Orcs. But all the fighting caused Forin's life to leave him. And there he died.